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The Yoni Book

The Yoni Book is the second iteration of The Two Talking Yonis exhibition - a solo exhibition of Reshma Chhiba’s work, curated by Nontobeko Ntombela - which took place in 2013 at Constitution Hill (Women’s Jail), Room Gallery and Projects, and Kalashnikovv Gallery, in Johannesburg. In this book Chhiba and Ntombela reflect on their working process, collaboration and collective thinking towards what has become a single-authored curatorial experience; the exhibition and The Yoni Book. The book is thus an extension of the work produced for this exhibition and at the same time an exploration of Chhiba’s practice more broadly. With five essays by Reshma Chhiba, Sharlene Khan, Tracy Murinik, Devarakshanam (Betty) Govinden and Nontobeko Ntombela, the book becomes an expanded conversation that looks at the different aspects of the work of Reshma Chhiba. The Yoni Book, which has been grounded on an ongoing conversation, is a meeting place for creative and academic writing.

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