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Chhiba is interested in the intersection between her visual art and dance practices and its use in the contemporary, as mechanisms to speak to and against patriarchal beliefs that are inherent in "Indian" societies in South Africa. She is interested in the multilayered term "Indian", which, in a Southern African context,has many shades and tones, evident in the multiplicity of her languages of visual art and dance.


Chhiba started her dance training in Bharatanatyam in 1991 under the tutelage of Satyabhama Natraj, disciple of Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale of Kalakshetra, Chennai. She continued her studies in dance under the guidance  of Anusha Pillay, and received her diploma in 2002 through the Institute of Indian Art and Culture (IIAC) (South Africa). 

In 2010 Chhiba co-founded Sarvavidya Natyaalaya (SVN) with Anusha Pillay and Panna Dulabh, a Bharatanatyam school based in Gauteng. She currently serves as the Creative Director as well as junior teacher and choreographer. Collectively SVN is  interested in teaching and performing dance through a feminist lens, with a focus on innovation within the tradition of the art form. Chhiba performs extensively with SVN and the Sarvavidya Dance Ensemble.

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